Hope for an E-Cat/QuarkX Presentation

There are continued signs coming from Andrea Rossi regarding an event that he has been referring to as the presentation of the QuarkX. In recent comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he is talking about some kind of meeting that will be made public in which the QuarkX will be demonstrated.

This would be pretty unusual for Rossi, who prefers to work in secrecy at his as-yet unidentified lab, with his as-yet unidentified team and partner.

But now he is talking about a meeting that would be used to demonstrate the QuarkX to invited guests, and also the wider public (although he says the means by which this would happen is yet to be determined), and gives the impression that he thinks he has made enough progress to move the QuarkX into the commercial realm in industrial plants. He says he really believes that 2017 will be the year for the appearance of industrial plants.

Some comments and Q&As from the JONP:

Frank Acland
December 11, 2016 at 5:50 PM
Dear Andrea,

1. Do you have plans to present the COP of the QuarkX at your public presentation? < 2. Will the general public have the ability to see this presentation, and if so, how? AR: yes, to be defined
3. Will special guests be invited to this presentation? AR: yes.

Andrea Rossi
December 11, 2016 at 11:34 AM
Dr Irina and Vitaly Uzikov:
Thank you for your continued and very important attention. You will be surely invited to the presentation.
Warm Regards,

The last time he opened his doors to an invited audience was back in 2011 in Bologna when the first 1MW plant was tested by Italian engineer Domenico Fioravanti. At that event, it turned out the the guests were only given a short amount of access as there were some safety restrictions put in place. It turned out that the plant only ran at half power, and while the test was accepted by Fioravanti, there was very little detail published regarding the test.

I think most people following the story have been hoping for a time when the E-Cat can be demonstrated openly, in the light of day, instead of being shrouded in secrecy. I have learned over the year to temper my expectations when it comes to E-Cat development, but think it’s possible that we may be turning a corner here. Of course we can’t be sure since there are so few details; there’s no date (Rossi has mentioned February 2017), no venue, and I don’t know of anyone who’s been sent an official invitation. But there are signs that something might be happening that could change the profile of the E-Cat in an important way.