USQL, JM Products Post Corporate Disclosure Statements: ‘No Parent Company of J.M. Products’

There are a couple of new documents that have been posted in the court docket today, one on behalf of United States Quantum Leap (USQL) and one by JM Products, each titled Certificate of Interested Parties. The documents are numbers 93 and 94 are available at this link:

The documents, filed by lawyers from each company, are very similar. One statement that is of broader interest is from JM Products, which states “Third-Party Defendant, J.M. Products, Inc., hereby certifies that there is no parent corporation of J.M. Products, Inc.” This would seem to be in contradiction to the statement from page 25 the IH-Leonardo Copr license agreement which states that “JMC is owned by an entity formed in the United Kingdom.”

I imagine this will be a point of interest and discussion for people following the court case, and may be something that is brought up in court as well, because of the role of JM Products who according to Andrea Rossi was involved in a manufacturing process using energy from the 1MW E-Cat plant during the 1-year test in Florida.