MFMP Features Video with György Egely on Transmutation and Cold Fusion in Dusty Plasma

There’s a new post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook page in which they announce a new series of interviews with Hungarian scientist György Egely who has been interested in the subject of transmutation and cold fusion in ‘dusty plasma’.

Egely has recently had an article published in Infinite Energy magazine, titled “Transmutation by Dust Fusion” (see: in which he reports on experiments he has carried out that show elemental isotopic changes in materials used.

Here’s the abstract of the article:

Test results will be shown for transmutation experiments. The simplest is the so-called Oshawa chain when only carbon and air are the initial materials. However, the heavier isotopes also take part in the reaction chain. The heaviest end products, as Fe, Cu, Zn, are not found in all test results, but Si, Ca, Al are abundant.

When zeolites were tested no new materials were observed, but their ratio changed significantly. The radioactivity of uranium salts was also influenced. The gamma radiation decreased, but beta radiation increased during the tests.

Egely says that he is not the first person to see these kinds of experimental results; he says that similar discoveries have been found by other researchers going back as far as with Nikola Tesla, and that the the effects have been seen on a cyclical basis, when someone new ‘rediscovers’ the effect, and for some reason the subject gets dropped again.

Egely also says that so far he has not really tested for excess energy creations in his experiments on dusty plasma.

More information can be found on the MFMP Facebook page here, and on the MFMP’s Quantum Heat page here.

The MFMP say that they will be co-operating with Egely to bring light to his work. Part 1 of Bob Greenyer’s interview can be seen below.