Rossi: QuarkX Presentation Not Tied to Achieving Sigma 5

A some questions regarding Andrea Rossi’s plans for presenting the QuarkX have brought up some interesting responses:

December 24, 2016 at 4:22 PM
Dear Andrea,

This may seem elementary but could you clarify as to what is required before the presentation of the QuarkX?
1. Sigma5 reached? AR: – not necessarily
2. Modules required to continue operate 1 year (February) without refueling? AR: – not necessarily
3. Minimum COP achieved? AR: – yes
4. Theory finalized? AR: – no
5. Other? -reliability: this module will be produced in million pieces

Frank Acland
December 24, 2016 at 11:43 PM
Dear Andrea,

Can we conclude from your answer to Brokeeper below, that it is possible that you will hold the event for the presentation of the QuarkX before you reach your 5 Sigma goal? AR: – yes

This seems to me to be a sign that the likelihood of Rossi holding an event to present the QuarkX in the relatively near future is higher than I had previously thought. If the timing of a presentation was tied to the achieving of Sigma 5, then we might expect it to be delayed well beyond February, since Rossi has said that we he has so far reached only Sigma 3.5 (after 10 months of operation).

So maybe the decision has been made to hold a presentation sooner rather than later. Still, we have no date, nor any official announcement of invitations sent out, so best to keep expectations under check for now.