Excess Heat Claim In Chinese Ni-H System (Video, Updated with Chinese Translation)

I have been sent a link to the video below by someone in China who has communicated with me briefly in the past. So far I have very little information provided beyond what is in the video. I don’t even know the full name of the person who sent me the video.

This is the message I received:

Happy new year for 2017. I just obtain the anomalous heat in my nickel/hydrogen device. I made a video for the temperature change in my experiment.

The following is the video connection in China video website YOUKU.


Best wishes.


UPDATE: Many thanks to Cheng for providing this explanation of the video.

I’m a Chinese and I can help understand what is shown in this video.

This video records the changes of two thermal couples (TC). From inner center to out surface of the setup: fuel, fuel case = stainless steel 340, ceramic chamber, housing of the whole setup, which can be used to heat the setup. One TC is used to control, namely TC1, and it was put between chamber case and housing of the whole setup. Another one is used to monitor, namely TC2, and it was attached to inside of chamber case. The purpose of this experiments is to heat TC1 from 650 C to 950 C. In the beginning, TC1 is higher than TC2 and the increase rate of TC1 is larger than that of TC2. As time goes by, the increase rate of TC1 is smaller than TC2, and TC2 is close to TC1 and finally surpass TC1. In the end, TC1 is close to 950C. And, TC2 is higher than TC1. TC2 ~ 968 C, TC1 ~ 949 C.

This has been verified and authorized by the original author, Zhijie Mao. Thanks for Thomas Kaminski’s encouragement. By, Cheng Liu, University of Wisconsin-Madison. [email protected]

I will note that following the data provided for power (Watts), the power required to heat to ~950 C is about 100 Watts less than for ~750 C.

The video is embedded below

I have asked for more information about this. Meanwhile, if any Chinese speaker is able to help with translating the commentary on the video, I’d appreciate it!