Andrea Rossi Holds ‘Dialogue’ With Galileo

Here’s a new New Year’s Dream from Andrea Rossi this year, published on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
January 1, 2017 at 12:53 PM
Vance Neitzke:
This New Year Eve night I didn’t sleep, too many issues to think about, but, during that limbo status between to be awake and to be sleeping, I attended this dialogue by two characters: Galileo (G) and Andrea (A).
G- what the heck are you doing ?
A- testing the QuarkX
G- what is it ?
A- not your business
G- don’t worry, I am not a spy, just curious: what is it for ?
A- make heat
G- not much of an invention
A- make a lot of heat
G- still not much of an invention
A- make a lot of heat with a bit of energy respect the heat produced
G- now, that’s interesting
A- yep
G- for example, how much units of heat with , say, ten of the same units of supply ?
A- more than one hundred
G- that’s crazy: you kidding ?
A- nope
G- how did you invent it ?
A- mainly try and error, lot of work
G- I know the feeling
A- what do you do in the life ?
G- my life in this Earth is long past. At those times I discovered that the Earth was orbiting around the Sun, not viceversa, but most of all I estabilished a new scientific method to make science, based on experiments instead of speculations
A- that’s nice
G- official science tried to roast me for all that
A- I know the feeling
G- what do you dream to do with that gadget ?
A- make billions of them to make energy without pollution and with strong economic advantages: also, to reduce the global warming
G- what the heck is the global warming ?
A- forget it
G- when do you think you will start to produce that gadget, to start the route that will bring to make billions of them?
A- in this very beginning year, this is my very strong dream right now
G- how are going the experiments ?
A- well
G- do you know the theoretical bases the gadget works upon ?
A- working on that, I got good ideas, but I privilege the experimental activity
G- I know the feeling. Fire has been used for thousands of years before its chemical and physical theoretical bases have been discovered
A- yeah, but you know what Dante wrote: ” fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e conoscienza”
G- all right, good luck and beware not to be roasted
A- you bet

Andrea Rossi