CNN Covers Brilliant Light Power’s SunCell (Video)

Thanks to those who have brought to our attention the following video in which CNN International covers Brilliant Light Power’s SunCell

The report states BLP’s claim that the SunCell is a “small machine that can create light so brilliant it is equal to 10,000 suns in a coffee cup — that’s 1 million Watts of power,” and that the company “can keep a coffee cup-size version of the sun burning continuously,” with photovoltaic cells converting that light into cheap electricity.

Randell Mills tells CNN that the SunCell can replace “every form of power: coal, gas, solar, wind, bio, geothermal; it can replace the utility grid.” He also states that the vast amounts of energy are released when hydrino state of the hydrogen atom is created as the electron goes closer to the proton — and that this is “the identity of dark matter that makes up most of the mass of the universe.”

Brilliant Light Power says it plans to field test the SunCell in 2017, with plans to go to market in 2018.