Rossi v. IH Case — Judge Upholds, Dismisses Counter-Suit Counts

A new document has appeared in the ever-increasing docket of Rossi v. Darden et. al. in which Judge Cecelia Altonaga has ruled on some of the motions to dismiss that Andrea Rossi and his third party defendants had filed in the case.

Document 120 at this link ( 9 provides the text of the ruling and the judge’s reasons for doing so.


1  The count of Industrial Heat against Andrea Rossi of Fraudulant Inducement remains intact.

2. The  count of violation of the Florida Deception and Unfair Trading Practices act is dismissed “as to all third party defendants.”

3. The count of breach of contract by Fulvio Fabiani and his United States Quantum Leap company is dismissed.

In addition, in document 121, Judge Altonaga also rejected Industrial Heat’s request that the discovery period in the case be extended for sixty days, and deadlines already set in the case are to be observed. In another document it was mentioned that Andrea Rossi submitted documents required of him in the discovery process this last weekend.