Rossi Describes QuarkX Setup in More Detail

Andrea Rossi responded on the Journal of Nuclear Physics y
esterday to a question regarding the configuration of the QuarkX reactor currently under test with a response that provides more information than we have received previously. Here is his comment:

Andrea Rossi
January 29, 2017 at 7:56 PM
The QuarkX is a very small thing with a rating of circa 20 W.
It is inside a heat exchanger where a fluid exchanges heat with the QuarkX. The fluid remains in the liquid phase, no steam to make it easier. The amount of fluid heated is measured with precision.
The difference of temperature obtained in one hour is measured with a precise thermometer. The energy consumed by the QuarkX is measured with precision. A dummy is measured in parallel.
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So if we are to eventually see a demonstration of the Quark, this will probably be what is demonstrated — comparing the performance of the heat exchanger with the active unit against the dummy. If the COP is as high as what has been hinted (Rossi reported COP as high as 200 this summer in an internal test report), then it should not be too hard to demonstrate that it is performing well beyond the possibility of a chemical reaction.

However, as always, one would need a trustworthy independent assessment of any demonstration for people to be fully convinced that it is performing as claimed.