Rossi vs. Industrial Heat — How is Boeing Involved?

A couple of new documents have been posted in the court documents recently regarding a hearing that is scheduled to be held on February 9th in the office of magistrate John J O’Sullivan in Miami. The documents are 133 and 135 here. In my mind there is nothing too remarkable about the documents — they announce scheduled hearings regarding documentation submitted to the court by Fulvio Fabiani and James A. Bass — except for one item on the the second document which is signed by Andrea Rossi’s attorney, John Annesser whch reads:

“Plaintiff’s Motion for Protective Order as to the deposition of J.M Products, Inc., United States Quantum Leap, LLC, Fulvio Fabiani, and the Boeing Company”

I believe this is the first time I have heard mention of Boeing in connection with Rossi, and Boeing has not been brought up in the court case until now. The only possible connection that I can think of is that Rossi has said in the past that he had been doing some kind of research involving a jet engine, and there was some kind of connection with an aerospace company — but as usual he was pretty vague about it all.

It sounds like whatever the depositions here are, that Rossi’s team is seeking a protective order, which means they don’t want the information in the depositions to be made public. So we might not find out what Boeing’s involvement might be. But it’s interesting to see them mentioned.