Regarding the Manelas Device (Axil Axil)

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Regarding the Manelas Device

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It might be that the pulsed current of the 137 kilohertz square wave input current produces a magnetic dipole with a large instantaneous power factor because the current is produced by a square wave like the Brillouin method. The 24 volt constant current also produces heat and the strontium ferrite magnet is heat resistant. The maximum operating temperature of the magnet is 250C and the Curie temperature is 450C. The resistance to demagnetization of the ferrite magnets goes up with temperature. With that high temperature operating capacity, coherent magnetically based Surface Plasmon polaritons may form under the influence of the magnetic dipole motion that localize around the magnetic field lines as heat photons become entangled with magnetic dipoles.

If these magnetic polaritons become coherent, these polaritons may produce enough magnetic power to destabilize the bullet of the gas above the surface of the magnet inside the Mandela’s Device black box. The Mandela ballot is flat and square with a large surface area. This flat topology with a large surface area might permit a maximum of magnetic dipoles to form on the surface of the magnetic Mandela bullet. I would like to know what type of gas filled the black box…is it protium or deuterium or air?

The Manelas Device functional diagram as follows: