David Niebauer Interviews Mats Lewan

David Niebauer has published a new podcast interview, this time with Mats Lewan, Swedish author and journalist who has been writing about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat for the last few years.

Here are some of the key points that stood out to me from the very interesting discussion(many other topics were covered, also). These are just notes I took while listening, so to get the full detail and context, you really should listen to the interview.

Mats has no doubts about the reality of LENR, that it is a valid source of energy,although he does not have an explanation for the absence of high-energy radiations, since this is against the laws of known physics — but he says that ‘experiment is king’, and there is much that we don’t know about physics.

The conversation moves to Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, and David Niebauer explains that he (David) met Rossi before he got involved with Brillouin Energy, and found him interesting and engaging. Mats said that he also met Rossi early on and found him to be a believable person. He then helped get Swedish professors Essen and Kullander involved.

Mats says that he is contact with the Lugano team, and he says they are not updating the famous Lugano report, but instead they are trying to replicate the effect independently without the help of Rossi. Mats says that he does not know of any results of this research, but the work is ‘very much ongoing’ and he considers it ‘promising’.

Regarding the lawsuit between Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat, Mats says that he understands that the documents that have been released represent only the tip of the iceberg, and that at the moment it is meaningless to try and understand the situation from them, and that what has been released has been selective, to give certain impressions. Mats says that what he has seen so far, is that the Industrial Heat evidence has not been impressive (however he does admit he could be biased).

Mats says that talking with Rossi has never been a problem for him, but working for him is a different thing — and he says that he understands he could be difficult to work with.

Niebauer himself says that he has spoken with a high-level former US government official who had seen an early demonstration from Rossi and was convinced he was showing a real effect, but that he could not work with Rossi because he would not reveal the details of his technology.

Mats says he has different information about the QuarkX, and that he concludes that so far it is in the early stages of development. He says that Rossi has difficulty assembling and maintaining a team, again, because he is hard to work with.

Again, kudos to David for another very interesting podcast. I hope he continues with this series.

So far, to the best of my knowledge, the only place this is available is on iTunes. Here is a direct link: