Mats Lewan Assesses the E-Cat Story

Mats Lewan has reposted on his An Impossible Invention website and article about the current status of LENR that was originally published in the Indian journal World Affairs. For people following the history of LENR, there is a lot of information that is probably familiar, but for those unfamiliar with the topic, it provides an excellent overview of the main historical points in the field.

As many of us know, Mats, as one of the very few journalists covering this story, has many connections in the field. He has already written a book about Rossi and the E-Cat, and says that he still talks to people who are close to the story.

Many of us are eager to learn as much as we can about what is currently going on with respect to the E-Cat, and the court case between Rossi and IH, yet much of this information is hidden from the public for now Like any respectable journalist, Mats very discreet, and is careful not to reveal confidential information, or identify confidential sources. However he does make some general points in this article that may reveal some of the things he has learned through his communication with his sources.

From the article:

“Meanwhile, people with insight to the ERV report that was never released have explained to me that the result presented in the report is conclusive and that the only possible way to attack it would be to attack Rossi, the ERV, and other people involved, for fraud. Yet, based on testimonials I have received, I find the fraud hypothesis highly unlikely. Obviously, it is premature to draw any firm conclusions while the lawsuit is ongoing. Still, my strictly personal assessment, adding all the pieces of the puzzle and weighing them in direct contact with several parties, is that IH was acting logically as a venture capitalist, trying to get hold of an incredibly valuable technology at the lowest possible cost, but that it misjudged the difficulties in dealing with the inventor and other people involved. This does not mean that I find IH’s behavior correct or defendable but again that is for the court to sort out and I have confidence in its ability to do so . . .

“It is, however, more important to pay attention to a further development of the E-Cat technology that Rossi claims to have achieved. The new reactor generation is called the Quark X. According to Rossi, it is a tiny device as large as a match producing an output power of about 20 watts, which is not much. However, as with earlier reactors, the COP is supposedly high, the reaction starts instantly and the output is heat, light or even electricity. In addition, the tiny match-sized reactor can supposedly be combined in groups to achieve any total output power. This has yet to be confirmed and proven but again based on information from sources, I have reason to believe that these claims are true and that Rossi will be ready to demonstrate them within a year or maybe months.”

For me, this whole E-Cat story revolves around the importance of the technology, and this is the reason I started E-Cat World, and have continued to publish it. It’s been a much longer story than I first anticipated; after six years we still have not really had the big reveal that dismisses all doubt, one way or another.

I personally find the business and legal issues surrounding it, while of course interesting, of secondary importance. Like Mats, I feel like so far we have only a partial picture of the issues involved in the legal dispute based on information from the court case, and I think it prudent not to come to firm conclusions at this juncture.

To me, it really comes down to this: if Andrea Rossi really has come up with this ‘impossible invention’ it is an extremely valuable discovery that has very important implications for our world. Mats Lewan, who has followed this story more closely than most, and who is in contact with some of the seemingly most knowledgeable sources on the topic who are close to Rossi, still seems quite positive regarding the validity of Rossi’s discovery. To me, despite the many ongoing disputes and unanswered questions that persist, that is an indication that Rossi’s claims should still not be lightly dismissed.