Brillouin Energy Closes $7.75 Million Series B Round (Press Release)

The following comes from a press release published by Brillouin Energy Corporation today here:

BERKELEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the successful replication of “over-unity” amounts of thermal energy from its LENR renewable energy technologies, Brillouin Energy Corp. announces the closing of $7,750,000 in its Series B round. The lead investor in the round, James (Jim) Farrell, has also joined the Company’s Board of Directors.

“I’m convinced that Brillouin Energy is positioned to accelerate our R&D efforts this year and that we have the best team and experience to execute our plan to develop commercial-level LENR technologies,” said Jim Farrell, Managing Director of Beyond Carbon Energy LLC. “Since joining the Board in 2016, Brillouin Energy has made significant progress towards commercializing the development of our LENR technologies.”

Brillouin Energy enters 2017 with an aggressive research and development program aimed at building on its significant progress toward commercializing LENR technologies. The Company is in the process of finalizing a $15 million Series C round offering, which it intends to launch later this month.

“This kind of financial support allows us to continue to build on the significant progress we have made toward commercializing the development of Brillouin Energy’s LENR technologies,” said Robert W. George II, Brillouin Energy’s CEO. “We’re excited that so many new and current investors value the opportunity ahead for Brillouin Energy as much as we do. Together, we’re going to make ultra-clean, low-cost renewable energy a global reality.”