me356 Emerging?

Thanks very much to ECW reader Dodger for posting today here a video which he says he has heard via ‘reliable rumor’ that the video posted here is from the famous but mysteriously reclusive me356 who has reportedly worked extensively on developing LENR systems.

To back up the ‘reliable rumor’ claim that the video comes from me356, Dodger also posted the following image which shows an image coming from a previous test of me356, and it appears that the test was taken in the same location as in the video — it looks like a fireplace to me.

As you can see from this video, the system that is producing the steam is not shown, so we can learn very little from this video alone, and certainly there’s no proof of LENR from just showing a plume of steam. However the fact that he (or someone) has posted this video may be an indication of more information to come. Bob Greenyer has said me356 has told him that when he is ready he will allow the MFMP to test his system.

So it will be interesting to see if we get more from me356 in the near future.