Tom Whipple on the Great Energy Transition of Brilliant Light Power

Tom Whipple has written a new article for the Falls Church News Press, a newspaper in Falls Church, Virgina, about developments in the work of Brilliant Light Power. Tom is one of the very few people writing about BLP or LENR in a ‘normal’ newspaper, so I would guess he is reaching people who don’t normally follow these topics on the dedicated online channels where most of us hang out.

The article is titled The Great Energy Transition: Progress on the SunCell and cab be accessed here: Tom is pretty positive about the prospects for the SunCell and notes that BLP is projecting that they will be placing working SunCell prototypes in the second half of this year, and that working units will be available to commercial customers in the first half of 2018. He does admit that these timelines could possible slip, but he is not terribly concerned about that. He writes:

“Delays of weeks, months or even years in getting a product to market will not be significant to the eventual impact of a technology of this importance. Think about the rate at which cell phones took over global communications in the last 30 years. The SunCell clearly has the potential to do the same thing.”

“Once a continuously operating prototype is demonstrated and reported on by the mainstream media, insight into its meaning can begin. Brilliant Light says the current fossil fuel market is on the order of $8 trillion per year. Throw in other sources of energy – renewables, hydro, and nuclear — and we are looking at multiple industries currently generating sales in excess of $10 trillion per year that could disappear.”

In the past Tom has also considered Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat as a potential energy game changer, but he doesn’t bring up the E-Cat here. Maybe that is due to the contention surrounding the lawsuit, or the long wait for E-Cats to hit the market. BLP has already begun a publicity push, by engaging with the public and potential partners, while Rossi is staying fairly quiet during the period of litigation. If the E-Cat is introduced to the general public this year, as Andrea Rossi predicts, and is ready for market as Andrea Rossi predicts, then there may be strong competition between the two groups.