Rossi v. IH : New Pictures Posted in Exhibit

There has been a lot of discussion and debate about technical details of the 1-year E-Cat test that have so far been revealed so far in the court case. To add to the volume of data is a new document posted in the court docket titled “Supplemental Expert Report of Rick A. Smith, P.E.” who was acting as a witness for the Industrial Heat team.

I am not going to attempt to critique this report, but I thought it would be interesting to readers who have been analyzing evidence since it includes some new images that might be helpful for people trying to analyze the situation.

The document is 245-10 in the Google Drive folder here; I have also downloaded it at this link:

235-10 – Exhibit 10

Below is just one of the photos in the exhibit which gives a view from ‘behind the wall’, where the facility for JM Products was located.