What is the Evidence for the QuarkX?

I’d like to highlight a comment by LENR G, in which he looks at the evidence for Andrea Rossi’s QuarkX. He wrote this today:

Evidence for the QuarkX, of various weight, includes:
– Gullstrom’s experiment and public paper co-authored with Rossi (duped? co-conspirator?)
– Fabiani’s interview with Mats that included eye-witness observations (co-conspirator?)
– Leaked picture of Rossi orienting a team of engineers (?) on operation of the QX, with COP > 1700! (elaborate deception with paid actors?)
– New exhaust pipes on the JMP side, post 1 MW test (why if nothing’s getting really hot?)
– The ‘glow’ picture of the QX that Rossi released (ok, doesn’t show much but does hint that Sapphire plays a role)
– Rossi’s assertions (history shows we can only note these, as we cannot determine which are sharing and which are feints… but they have been quite detailed in terms of heat/light/electricity observations, pursuit of 5 sigma, etc.)

A smelly stew of deception and conspiracy? Is that what you really think or does your gut tell you that maybe, just maybe, something real is going on here?

I would like to welcome Gullstrom to the conspiracy super-team. I hope you are getting paid very well to throw your fledgling career into the toilet. /s


There was also a comment here recently from a poster here who calls themself ‘Swede’ who wrote:

“The QuarkX is real, sorry to say that you have to take my word for it. I have seen it live and as AR would say it is a master piece. It is something totaly different from the E-cat, both in scale and function.”

Andrea Rossi wrote this in response to a question about whether he was still working with Carl-Oscar Gullstrom and he wrote:

Andrea Rossi
April 17, 2017 at 8:23 AM
Yes. We are preparing an updated version, more detailed and with the addiction of the description of an experiment made with standard calorimetry, whose results will be compared to the results obtained by direct measurements made using the Wien and Boltzmann equations. Also the theoretical part will be reviewed. We are studying and experimenting.
Warm Regards,

Of course these are just snippets, and not everyone will be convinced there is anything significant going on. Personally, I am very convinced there is such as thing as the QuarkX, and that Rossi is not just making stuff up about it, but as usual in the E-Cat world, we are going to have to wait for more details.