Rossi v. IH — Joint Pretrial Stipulation Published

A “Pretrial Stipulation” document has been jointly published by the attorneys from all parties in the Ross v. IH case which seems to be a summary of all the issues at stake in the trial. It includes statements that all parties agree on (“Statement of Uncontested Facts”; p. 8-23, and Issues of Law on Which There is Agreement; p. 53-57), as well as the disputed points that need to be decided by the court (“Statement of Issues of Fact Which Remain to be Litigated”; p.23-53, and “Issues of Law Which Remain to be Determined by the Court”; p. 57-59).

There is also a listed of all the witness that may be called upon by the parties during the trial. (p. 60-64).

For people who don’t want to sift through all the documents deposited in the court docket, this might be a handy reference, although while it is a summary document, it still runs 69 pages. The document states that the parties expect the trial to run for 2 weeks, which seems to me to be a pretty short time to decide such a complex case.

280 – Joint pretrial stipulation