The Aether, Black Holes and the Standard Model (Chapman)

The following post was made originally be Chapman in the Always On Thread

The topic of “The Aether” recently popped up in the thread about the EM Drive. I have much to say on the topic, but I did not want to divert that thread from it’s primary topic, so I will just post a few thoughts and questions here, in the Open Thread, on the off chance anyone else may have any thoughts or insights to share…

To start things off, let me outline a seemingly unrelated problem I can not reconcile, involving General Relativity, The Standard Model, and Black Holes. I say “seemingly unrelated” because while the issue does not directly reference or involve the Aether, I believe The Aether to be the only viable answer.

So, here you go Kids; think on this…

General Relativity tells us all about Gravity Wells. I will not waste your time reviewing all the details – you either understand it, or you do not – but the key takeaway is that gravity actually warps space-time. From this concept we get Gravitational Lensing, Worm Holes… and Black Holes.

Black Holes are depicted with massive accretion discs, are modeled in binary star formations SUCKING the very life out of their nearby partners, and are reported to be the Gravatic foci at the heart of Galaxies.

With Black Holes, you have a sufficiently large mass so as to cause Gravity to completely warp space in on itself. Every straight line originating below the event horizon is bent back and terminates at the singularity. There is no way out, because there is no DIRECTION that points “out”. This idea is far more complex than simply looking at it as a matter of the escape velocity below the Event Horizon being greater than the speed of light, which is TRUE, as a statement, but the CAUSE is the Gravitational bending of space itself. Again, this is THE great insight of General Relativity.

On the other hand, the Standard Model is built upon the idea of Fermions, which are the material particles that serve as the actual building blocks of physical matter, and Bosons, which are particles/quasi-particles that mediate the transfer of the primary forces (EM, Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear, Mass, and Gravity) between those Fermions. For each force that works on observable matter, there is a class of boson which is being exchanged between those particles and actually conveying the attraction or repulsion effect of the force in question. The key take away here is that the Standard Model describes forces as being mediated by carrier particles being exchanged between interacting material particles.

So… Do you see where this is going???

Gravity is understood to be mediated by the Graviton. This particle has not yet been claimed to have been observed, but it’s existence is absolutely mandatory according to the physical mechanics upon which the Standard Model is based. And it’s existence is the basis of a whole universe of ideas and theories about Gravitic Propulsion, Worm Holes, Warp Drives, and Anti-Gravity devices.

But THINK about Black Holes for just a moment longer. As stated, below the event horizon space-time itself is physically warped back on itself. All vectors terminate at the singularity. It is a closed space. And THAT means that even GRAVITONS can not escape!

THERE IS NO PHYSICAL WAY FOR SINGULARITY GRAVITONS TO INTERACT WITH REAL-SPACE! There is no path by which the Singularity Gravitons can exchange with passing material particles outside of the event horizon. In short, once a black hole has formed, it will cease to have ANY gravitational influence with external matter. You could STAND 5 feet from the event horizon and feel NO EFFECT. You could not orbit around it, because there is no gravity well at all. This simple fact also means that they can not be the seeds at the heart of galaxies.

Not only would there be no light escaping, and no gravitational emanations, but because the Black Hole would be totally untethered from real-space, it would have no observable mass in real-space. It would no longer maintain “location” in real-space relative to it’s local point of origin. At the instant of it’s formation, the black hole would appear to zip away at high velocity, as it would no longer maintain whatever relative velocity it had as it was moving along with the common velocity it shared with the local neighborhood. It would actually be just stopping in terms of absolute space, but of course the rest of local space would still carry forward along its previous vector, and with whatever velocity it already had.

Just to simplify the idea, we can sum things up by saying that if Photons, just one sample of the boson class, can not escape the black hole, then NONE of the FAMILIES of bosons can either. ALL FORCES ARE DISRUPTED by the same mechanism.

Unless the Standard Model is wrong, and General Relativity is only a philosophy. Simply accepting the Aether would allow Black Holes to work as predicted, and reportedly observed. In fact, with an Aether, black holes would exhibit MORE gravity than the same mass in real-space!

CONCLUSION: Contrary to the current Scientific Theories supporting The Standard Model, FORCES can not be interactions between material particles being mediated directly between those particles by a subordinate set of carrier particles. The only workable answer is that there IS an Aether, and that the observed forces are interactions between material particles and The Aether, or interactions between particles via waveforms within the Aether.

1. EM is mediated by Photons, which are just coherent waves through the Aether.

2. MASS is just an Impedance effect resulting from material particles moving through the Aether, and is actually responsible for the formation of Photons.

3. Gravity is the result of non-coherent waves in the Aether, which drive all material particles towards each other, exactly as is observed by boats in open water.

4. Weak nuclear force is perfectly reasonable EM induced activity on the quark scale.

5. Strong nuclear force is the result of a physical “flow” within the Aether that surrounds all rotating particles, and creates what amounts to a “micro-quasar”. Also, there are no blue, red, and green quarks. Quarks join up in threes because each must align at 90 degrees to each of it’s neighbors in order to have their axial flow not repel.

Grand Unification becomes simple mechanics once you accept the existence of The Aether.

And for the record – Matter and Anti-Matter do NOT annihilate! Get THAT ONE straight, and most of the other mysteries become obvious also…