NBC News Asks ‘Big Question’ — Is the EM Drive Possible?

There’s article on the NBC News website in its ‘Big Questions’ section that looks at the possibility of the EM drive being a viable technology for deep space travel, based on the claim that it requires no onboard fuel source for propulsion.

The article, written by Kate Baggaley, is titled “Will this ‘Impossible’ Motor take people to other planets?” Here’s the link:http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/the-big-questions/will-impossible-motor-take-people-other-planets-n761101

It’s a relatively short piece that explains the claims surrounding the EM Drive, also providing links to other useful resources, and it does take the subject seriously, while being very cautious about it, noting that “the vast majority of physicists remain decidedly unconvinced” because the EM Drive appears to violate the laws of physics. Also, so far, the amount of thrust measured in reports is very small, and even if real, is not practical enough for transporting a spacecraft.

I’m glad to see that traditional media is paying some attention to the ‘impossible’. I hope in the case of the EM Drive, if the effect is indeed real, that there will be more impressive results reported, so that it will be harder for mainstream science and media to dismiss.