MFMP on Site Preparing for Me356 Testing (Update #1 — Testing Documentation Published)

UPDATE #2 (May 24, 2017)

Here’s a new video posted by the MFMP today of another test they have been doing — “Comparing flow rate to water mass over time”


A document providing live updates on the status of test preparation has been published by the MFMP has been published here:


The latest updates from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project report that they are getting things set up for testing of the Me356 LENR system. The team of Bob Greenyer, Alan Goldwater, Ryan Hunt and Brian Albiston are now on site somewhere in the Czech Republic (the exact location has not been reported). The best information I have found on their activity and  progress has come from some audio files posted on Soundcloud which I am attaching below:

At the moment they are still getting things set up, and the exact timing of the testing is still not clear. It has not been all smooth sailing for this point; the team has had to deal with delayed baggage and some technical hitches. I am sure they will update us as things progress, and I think it is time for a new thread which can be updated as events unfold.

Here’s a new video of Ryan and Bob working on the calibration of the temperature measurement system: