Friday May 26, MFMP Testing Me356 LENR Reactor

Here’s a new thread dedicated to the actual testing by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project of the claimed LENR reactor that has been built by researcher “Me356”. Recent posts have dealt with the preparation the MFMP team has been making for the testing, but I thought it would be appropriate to start a new thread for the actual testing that is scheduled to begin today, May 25, 2017. I will add information here as it is revealed.

There are some interesting details that can be found in a new audio file released by the MFMP in which Bob Greenyer, Ryan Hunt and Brian Albiston discuss a visit they made to Me356 today in preparation for tomorrow’s test. The full audio can be heard here:

A few of the points the guys bring up on this recording are:

On visiting me356 on Thursday they found him to be very gracious and cooperative, helping them get their equipment set up and providing them with food and drink.

The were shown his reactor, and they describe it like a small ‘glowstick’ encased in aluminum, almost hermetically sealed. Me356 says that they will be able to weigh it, also that they can touch it during operation, since there is a cooling system that is able to take away the heat.

The team members were able to hold the reactor and they said it seemed heavy for its size. Me356 said that the reactor takes 10 minutes to get up to full performance level after turning it on, but that net positive COP is reached within five minutes after starting it.

The MFMP team has been invited to come to me356’s place at 14:00 on Friday. Bob says that photos will be posted tomorrow.

MFMP’s Test Log is here:

On the way to the test:

Me356 told the MFMP the the reactor they are testing is rated at 4kW.

From the MFMP Log document:

“13:55 UTC – The reactor has arrived. We will begin a live video soon.

First test is going to be a test where we sparge steam into a bucket.
We will weigh, measure, and video the device.
We will do a video tour of all the instrumentation.
Then we will fill the bucket on a scale so we can note the mass of water to be warmed. WE will note the starting temperature.
Then we will connect the reactor and start it up and see how long it takes to heat the water 50 or 60 degrees C

This is the simple test. WE did a prototype test a few days ago “

The MFMP team with the me356 reactor:MFMP and Me356 reactor

Here’s the first video feed, which is an initial look at the lab and the reactor

New live video stream of “Sparge Test 1” is posted: