MFMP and Me356 Testing — Saturday May 27

Here is a new thread for a new day of potential testing by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project of Me356’s claimed LENR system. Friday’s testing did not show excess energy from the sparge testing, and the MFMP had planned to return today for continued work.

There have some posts by Bob Greenyer on the previous thread which have updates on the current situation:

“me has some sickness in his family and has been unable to condition the reactor, we are going to get more insulation for the flow calorimeter and then apply it and see where he is after that.”

“It is exhausting – for us and me356. Full respect to him for allowing the test.
We need to find the optimum way to give him the best chance of giving the AURA it’s best shot during this next”

Here’s a comment below from me356:

“I can only tell, that the test was conducted in the condition that was very far from ready from my side. This mean that I was not prepared for testing with the current reactor at all. But this is the only one with a cover – thus nothing else can’t be tested in this way. I didn’t knew that the test will occur at this time as I was informed just few days before, but I dont want to waste money and time that was spent for already bought tickets and accommodation. So I have nothing to loose whatever it will work or not.
MFMP was informed very clearly that the result can be whatever in advance, but I have to thank to all the members that have putted so much work in it. Except timing (that I was unable to affect) the test is conducted very well and all members are very proffesional.
So we have to hope that this one will work, since there are major issues that should be solved first. But there is no time on side of MFMP to wait for this.
In any way I am enjoying working with them. Soon we will know more.”

Live data from the MFMP is here:

and here: