Estimation of Theories, Applied to the LENR Field, and Others?

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In the report about IWAHLM 2017, David J. Nagel questions LENR theoreticians about the completion of their theories.

This questioning seems excellent.
This questioning seems also valid for any other theories.
What could happen if we question present theories through the David J. Nagel questions?

1. How is your theory connected to LENR?
2. What is the key idea or concept of your theory?
3. What is (are) the foundation(s) of your concept?
4. Does your mechanism involve only one step or more than one step?
5. Are the equations that embody your concept written out?
6. If the equations are available, have they been evaluated, that is, reduced to numbers?
7. What time histories and reaction rates are (quantitatively) predicted?
8. How does your mechanism involve or relate to experimental observations?

Electromagnetic theory and relativity seem to answer all questions.

But the current Quantic theory, which classifies particles and calculates their energies, does not respond to the characteristics of the impulse in local systems, initial and final, when a jump occurs. On this point, Randell Mills’s GUT-CP theory seems to be better.

Perhaps, GUT-CP theory could help LENR partial theories, or even the future LENR theory.

See the report about IWAHLM 2017, p 44, at

PDF of Nagel’s Presentation is below: