Trial By Jury: Rossi v. IH Trial to Begin June 26

There have been some questions about when the start date of the Rossi v. IH trial, and Tom Conover asked Rossi about this directly on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Today.

Tom Conover
June 11, 2017 at 9:37 PM
Dear Andrea,

Greetings to you and your team!

Things are heating up. It has been said that just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. After all, if bumble bees were meant to fly, they would have to have wings, wouldn’t they?

A simple question, “In order to fund your manufacturing project with $100 million, could the QuarkX stable enough to endure private viewing during the dates from 06/26/17 through 07/10/17 with a 99.9% of operating in stable format for this entire period?” Naturally, a 24/7 guard would be kept, and it would probably be more comfortable than a shipping container …

This is a theoretical question, a simple thought experiment like Einstein used to do.

Could the QuarkX show up? (Y/N)

Warm Regards,


Andrea Rossi
June 11, 2017 at 10:12 PM
Tom Conover:
On 7-26-17 will start the trial with the Jury and it will last until end of July…during this period I will be totally focused on the trial.
I still believe that the QuarkX will show up within this year and a test like the one you cite is normal in a case like that.
Warm Regards,
The article about birds’ flight is interesting.

So there is not too much time left before the trial gets underway; however, it may not be terribly easy to follow closely since I doubt there will be reported in much detail by the media. There are ways to get transcripts sent from the court but it is quite expensive to get live transcripts (e.g. $6.05 per page for a daily transcript).

In regards to the other point that Rossi brings up, from little snippetss of information posted here and there that there have been visitors to Rossi’s labs who have had demonstrations of the QuarkX — certainly under NDA.

The fact that Rossi has requested a jury trial suggests that he is expecting to get a sympathetic ear from the jury. According to the legal reference site

“However, there are other occasions when jury trials are better suited to your case than a judge trial would be. This is especially true when you think that you can present your case in a very sympathetic light. Juries are often more swayed by emotions like sympathy than by hard evidence that is presented by attorneys.”

And, while we wait for the serious business of the trial to begin, if anyone is in the mood for a little comic relief, here’s an example of how a trial by jury can sometimes go!