MFMP Seeks Crowd Input in Analyzing “Unexpected Results” in ECCO Fuel and Foil Spectrometry Data

A new post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Steemit page provides results of testing on fuel and foil used in the ECCO reactor built by Indian researcher Suhas Ralkar. The MFMP is intending to go to India in the near future to test this reactor, but they already have been sent some samples for analysis.

We analysed the part processed fuel and foil that was supplied to us by Suhas Ralkar designed for use in the ECCO “free energy” reactor.

When analysing the reactor structure Ni foil and part processed fuel with EDX at Masaryk University, amongst other elements, in the foil we found unexpected Au, Ag, Pd and in the powder, Nb, Sn, Zr and a large quantity of Pb.

Foil production inputs
SS304 anode and cathode, de-ionised water (will absorb CO2 from air), nickel sulphate, electric discharge, 200V DC pluses at 300kHz and 300kHz and surface wave on SS304 substrate

Part-processed fuel inputs
SS304 container, de-ionised water (will absorb CO2 from air), Ti (80-100um), Ni (80-100um), C (5um), 4.5kW of 19.46kHz sound.

The full data can be found here: