ECW Website Issues (Temporary Site Up)

UPDATE: I have migrated all the data to a new server, so all E-Cat World content, including comments, are as they were. I am going to have to do some work on the design of the site, but for now this theme is functional, even if it is not very elegant. I could spend quite a few more days getting the design to where I needed, but I wanted to move over to the new server as quickly as possible.

Initially Disqus comments won’t be activated, but I hope to have that in place soon. Thanks for your patience everyone!


This is just to let people know that there have been some problems with the E-Cat World website that are going to require me to migrate the site to a new server. I hope to have the migration accomplished in a day or two.

Hopefully this will be accomplished with the minimum of downtime. The new site might look a bit different to the current one, but all the content and functionality should be the same. I will keep everyone updated regarding the timing of the change.

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding!

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