Ross v. IH Trial begins on June 28th (Update #2: New Set of Jurors Selected)

We have had plenty of discussion here over the last year and a half or so in connection with the Rossi v. Industrial Heat et. al lawsuit, and there have been hundreds of documents posted in connection with the case. Now the moment that Andrea Rossi has been waiting for — his moment in court — has arrived.

For most people in the world this is a nonevent. I think very few people are aware that there is a multimillion dollar lawsuit about cold fusion/LENR taking place. It’s no surprise that the news media are not paying attention to the case, since LENR is either dismissed or ignored by the majority of reporters and pundits.

Luckily, for those of us interested in the events, there is someone who is attending the trial in Miami, Florida and reporting about it online. That is Abd Lomax, who has posted on this site many times, and who has a website called Cold Fusion Community. It seems that his site will be an important resource for those of us who are interested in the proceedings of the case. The link to his website is:

According to Abd, today was mainly taken up with the seating of the jury, and the lawywers making opening statements. He says that Rossi’s lawyer, Brian Chaiken, used material from a recent post on the Sifferkoll website.

I’m glad there is at least one person who has taken the time and trouble to attend the trial, and who is willing to report about it to the rest of us.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from an article on the Law 360 website:

Judge Orders Restart In Trial Over $89M IP Licensing Dispute
By Carolina Bolado

Law360, Miami (June 29, 2017, 2:14 PM EDT) — A trial over an $89 million licensing agreement concerning an energy catalyzer patent is off to a rocky start after a Florida federal judge declared a mistrial Thursday just one day after seating a jury, forcing attorneys to start again the next morning.

The court had seated a jury Wednesday afternoon for the trial, which pits Florida-based Leonardo Corp. against its cold fusion nuclear reactor licensees, Cherokee Investment Partners LLC and related entity Industrial Heat LLC, for allegedly failing to abide by payment schedule agreements….

UPDATE #2 (July 1, 2017)

Abd Lomax posted in a comment below that yesterday (Friday, Jun 30th) “a 13-member jury was selected (yes, they can do that, it means they could lose up to 7 members and still complete the trial.”