MFMP Begins Testing of ECCO Fuel

Bob Greenyer has been posting on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Steemit site about their progress in testing of fuel that has been sent to them from Indian researcher Suhas Ralkar, the inventor of the ECCO reactor, which he claims to be a working LENR device.

The MFMP are planning to visit Suhas in India, but before taking that trip, they have been sent fuel which they have begun testing. Bob posted this today:

For those that are unfamiliar with Suhas Ralkar’s process for creating Nickel foil – please check out our previous article here. Nickel Sulphate is mixed with de-ionised water, the combination of which is used to electro-deposit Nickel foil onto 304 Stainless Steel by way 300khz of 200V DC ultrasonic ‘hydrogen plasma’ and in sympathy vibrations.

According to a previous MFMP post, Suhas’s fuel starts out with this:

There are two types of fuel Suhas produced and ran, both of which contain 60% Titanium + 5% Carbon black + 5% Potassium Carbonate + 10% Lithium Hydroxide

In addition, during processing:

“1x” fuel has 10% Nickel + 10 % Molybdenum
“final” fuel has 20% Nickel

In their most recent post, the MFMP now states that testing suggests that the used fuel has been shown to include gold, silver, palladium, holmium and tantalum, which was not in the original fuel.

CORRECTION — Bob Greenyer below has explained this in a comment below:

“Frank, gold, silver, palladium, holmium and tantalum, was found on the Nickel Foil during EDX and MALDI TOF MS, not as a product of the ECCO reactor. We have yet to publish any data of what is in the ash, and most of the ashed have not been analysed yet.”

UPDATE: Bob has posted a video of magnetic testing of some of the ECCO fuel here: