Settlement Good News For E-Cat Development

I can remember well first getting the news about Andrea Rossi filing suit against Industrial Heat et. al. In early spring 2016, Rossi had previously announced that the 1-year test was over, and followers of the E-Cat story were anxiously awaiting the release of a report about tests performance.

Then on April 6, I got an email from an attorney representing Andrea Rossi containing this press release announcing that the test had been a success, but that Rossi was suing Industrial Heat for breach of its license agreement, and misappropriation of intellectual property. I was shocked, as I know were many others. What could be one of the most important technological advancements in history would now be tied up in court for an unknown period of time, and who could predict the effect on the dissemination of E-Cat technology?

Since that day, we have been following closely the unfolding events and debate surrounding the lawsuit. The discussion hasn’t always been pleasant, to say the least, and personally I have tried to avoid joining the fray.

As far as I am concerned, the most important issue has always been that the E-Cat gets deployed in the real world and gets put to use in the service of mankind. So I was delighted, and very surprised, to learn yesterday that case had been settled.

I think it was the best possible outcome, and something I had hoped would happen, although I admit I was not convinced that it would, given the fierceness of the battle at times. Regardless of the verdict in this trial, I felt there would almost certainly be an appeal from whoever lost, and the whole suit would have to be fought again, sapping more money, time and energy.

Regardless of the terms of the settlement, in my mind one immediate benefit is that Andrea Rossi is now able to return to doing what he does best — the development of E-Cat technology — without being distracted by legal issues.

Andrea Rossi wrote yesterday, “I will never anymore talk about the issues of the litigation. They belong to the past. The war is over, now we must build a constructive future.” A constructive future is what the E-Cat needs. My hope is that these developments will hasten the public unveiling of the QuarkX, and its eventual commercialization. I’m sure there will be future problems to deal with, but I felt that this lawsuit was dark cloud overshadowing the whole field of LENR, sucking positive energy from it. I’m glad it’s gone.