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  • georgehants

    China Focus: Chinese satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter.
    BEIJING, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) — China’s Dark Matter Particle Explorer
    (DAMPE) has detected unexpected and mysterious signals in its
    measurement of high-energy cosmic rays. Are they from dark matter that
    scientists have spent decades searching for? Will the cosmic “ghost”
    finally show itself?

  • Val K

    Are there any new regarding Randell Mills and his SunCell?
    It looks like the site of BLP has not been updated since September.

    • sam

      15 days ago

      Comment from LENR Forum
      Shane D
      11 hours ago
      I hesitate to post this as I am starting to wonder about BrLP, but in support of open science:

      Randy Mills
      Nov 13 9:56 AM
      are making great progress. I just filed patents on a new MDH
      thermodynamic cycle that is amazing. Engineering program is progressing
      well. More validation completed. Fantastic results on hydrino energetic
      material reactions. Just isn’t advantageous to constantly publicly
      announce and share our results.

  • kenko1

    Has anyone compiled a list/link of attendees and their affilliations to the demo. I didn’t recognize anybody. And Rossis’ wig threw me for awhile.

    • sam

      Alan Smith from LENR Forum
      is the only I know of.

      Alan Smith
      22 minutes ago
      Bob – Well, sorry you feel that way. I have done my best, but in the face of a flood of other reports (Mats, ECW’s rep) it seemed unreasonable to write up much of the same things again. I do remain gently skeptical but in general I am positive that Rossi has got something real, and I am not alone in that. If I had no hope, I would not have gone, but as someone there said to me ‘This is the hottest ticket in maverick science’.

      Nothing I didn’t see has made me change my mind about Rossi’s general flakiness, but nothing I saw has made me want to disavow the man. If donors thought they were paying for a Damascene conversion, they are doomed to disappointment, since I am not so easily bought. And anyone who would like their cash back on the grounds that they donated expecting me to rubbish Rossi on my return only has to ask. I should remind you that I never asked for donations, they were volunteered, much to my surprise -they certainly made it easier for me to go, and I did appeal for people to stop donating when it yielded enough to cover my flight and hotel. I remain grateful for the support, as it helps me to continue with my own support of researchers with materials and equipment ‘pro bono’. I try to give back at least as much as I receive.

      ps. Sincerely glad the market is looking after you, in 2008 I did a lot of looking after the market. But some things will defy gravity, at least for a while.

  • sam
  • georgehants

    Bye, Bye, second law of thermodynamics.
    Quantum experiment reveals time really can flow backwards
    1 December 2017 By Brinkwire
    Time travel may be possible – for sub atomic particles, at least, a new experiment has found.
    Physicists have discovered that heat can
    spontaneously flow from a cold quantum particle to a hotter one under
    certain conditions – effectively reversing the ‘arrow of time’.
    While the discovery doesn’t advance the
    possibility of building a time machine, it does show the quantum world
    operates under very different rules, researchers say.

  • sam
  • sam

    First controlled nuclear chain reaction achieved 75 years ago

  • Val K

    Video of hydrogen compound formation in a reaction chamber displayed at 10X speed with an insert of filaments of the compound in air displayed at normal speed. Detonation of a hydrino reaction mixture produces an energetic power release and forms filamentous chemical products comprising a metal and hydrogen. Each product is ferromagnetic and each comprises a metal not known to form a hydride or to be magnetic.”

    Well, from this video I can see only a wire blows up by some electric discharge and a lot of smoke, which really looks like filaments, but that’s all. I do not see anything suggesting the hydrino reaction, no evidence of composition of the filaments and no evidence they were ferromagnetic. As to the filaments, I have seen something similar when watching some burning plastics.

  • sam
  • Veblin

    The Delaware County Daily Times
    Adrian Ashfield Letter to the Editor:
    Major advance in cold fusion touted as energy solution.

  • georgehants

    Physicists excited by discovery of new form of matter, excitonium
    So what exactly is excitonium?
    Excitonium is a condensate–it exhibits macroscopic quantum phenomena,
    like a superconductor, or superfluid, or insulating electronic crystal.
    It’s made up of excitons, particles that are formed in a very strange
    quantum mechanical pairing, namely that of an escaped electron and the
    hole it left behind.
    It defies reason, but it turns out that when an electron, seated at
    the edge of a crowded-with-electrons valence band in a semiconductor,
    gets excited and jumps over the energy gap to the otherwise empty
    conduction band, it leaves behind a “hole” in the valence band. That
    hole behaves as though it were a particle with positive charge, and it
    attracts the escaped electron. When the escaped electron with its
    negative charge, pairs up with the hole, the two remarkably form a
    composite particle, a boson–an exciton.
    In point of fact, the hole’s particle-like attributes are
    attributable to the collective behavior of the surrounding crowd of
    electrons. But that understanding makes the pairing no less strange and

    • sam
      • georgehants

        Many thanks Sam, things are moving very rapidly these days in the Quantum World.
        Look forward every day now to new discoveries.

  • sam

    Star Crash: The Explosion that Transformed Astronomy

  • sam
  • georgehants

    Japanese scientists use organic ferroelectric to extract more current from solar cells
    The new technology uses a quantum-mechanical process, which can extract
    current from solar cells in a much quicker, less wasteful way, the
    research team claims. December 12, 2017 Emiliano Bellini

  • georgehants

    IAEA Coordinated Research Project Generates New Quantum Data on Hydrogen Fusion
    Tuesday 12 December 2017
    A recently completed coordinated research project (CRP) has improved
    the understanding of fundamental atomic and molecular processes
    necessary to progress in the development of fusion as a future source of
    energy. Specifically, the project generated and evaluated data for
    collisions of hydrogen and helium and the resulting radiative processes,
    in which energy is released in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
    Fusion reactions can be induced in a form of matter called plasma, which
    consists of extremely hot electrically charged gases, and which was the
    focus of the research.
    “The data from this CRP have expanded our capability to simulate the
    complicated processes that go on in fusion devices, giving us a clearer
    picture of what’s happening in our experimental reactors,” said Bastiaan
    Braams, a researcher at the Netherlands’ National Research Institute
    for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), which participated in the

  • georgehants

    A New Experiment May Finally Reveal the True Nature of Gravity
    Unifying Theories
    Quantum physicists have toiled to no avail for decades in their
    attempts to subsume gravity (the first cosmological force ever
    discovered) into quantum physics. A group of researchers recently
    proposed a new experiment that could redefine the nature of gravity, and
    transform our understanding of the fundamental forces of the universe.

  • Veblin

    Falls Church News-Press
    The Great Energy Transition: A Progress Report
    By Tom Whipple December 11, 2017

  • kenko1

    In 100 years I’d like to see this question on Jeopardy:


    1. Zefram Cochrane
    2. Andrea Rossi
    3. Frank Ackland

    psssssst…. it is a trick question cuz everyone knows who invented the warp drive.

  • kenko1

    Another quarky christmas carol.

    Sung to the tune of “Jngle Bells”. There are three verses but I have only
    written one. Any one can add…..

    Dashing through the snow
    in an e-cat powered sleigh
    o’er oil fields we go
    with quarx on the way.
    Sales on retail swings
    Making spirits blight
    O What fun it is to ride and sing
    Of bankrupt oil tonight

    e-cat sells, oil smells
    quark x on the way
    oh what fun it is to ride
    oil down to zero pay