ECCO Testing: First MFMP Update from India (Update: Suhas Agrees To Help MFMP Replicate in Europe)

UPDATE (July 20, 2017)

The following video has been posted, in which Suhas agrees to visit the MFMP in central Europe and help them to replicate this technology. He and the MFMP have given up trying to carry out testing during the current visit.


I haven’t had time to listen to this yet, but this is Bob’s first audio report from India; from the description it sounds like it is not plain sailing:

“After a gruelling journey and two nights with little sleep, we arrive with all equipment intact only to face more difficult challenges, people.”

Also: “ECCO day one – stupidity rules the world”


Bob Greenyer and George Egely’s flight to India was delayed, but the finally got to India. They say they have trouble with the inventor and the bank. While they were in transit they got notification that Suhas had been visited by bank officers, who had put a padlock on the door of the laboratory. Bob Greenyer and George Egely went to see the bank manager who refused to open the lab.

The bank told MFMP that they found out that Suhas was doing research, and they did not support that, they were only interested in supporting production. MFMP tried in vain to negotiate access to the lab so they could do testing. Bob says he tried “literally everything” to get access to the lab.

They made an offer to rent the lab for 3 days, but the bank manager said that offer would have to come from Suhas. Bob says they will try again tomorrow. In the meantime they are having technical discussions with Suhas about his technology.