Rossi to Stay Close to his E-Cats as Irma Bears down on Miami (Update: AR Cannot Post on JONP for Now)

It has been almost impossible not to realize that there is a massive storm — Irma — that has already devastated some Caribbean Islands and is heading towards Florida, still as a category 5 hurricane with winds currently at 175 miles per hour.

The most recent forecast map I have seen from the US National Hurricane Center shows Irma’s current projected landfall to be close to Miami, which is where Andrea Rossi and his team have been working on developing the E-Cat QX. Tonight he made this announcement on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
September 7, 2017 at 7:44 PM
Dear Readers:
I decided to remain close to our factory, where probably the hurricane Irma will hit Saturday and Sunday. Therefore I do not know if the internet broadcasting will work: nobody has idea about this.
As a consequence of this consideration, I am not sure if I will be able to publish and respond on this blog next Saturday and Sunday “throughout the ordeal” as Frank Acland wrote hereunder.
If the internet will work, I will do as usual, otherwise I will keep again blogging as soon as the internet will be fixed.
Warm Regards,

Many south Floridians are evacuating the state, but Andrea Rossi has decided to stay close to his his E-Cats. Irma is forecast to make landfall as category 4 Hurricane, so there is a chance for tremendous damage and disruption throughout Miami and much of Florida. I hope that Dr. Rossi, his family and team, along with everyone else in Irma’s path stay safe, and that his work is not too badly interrupted.

UPDATE: (Sept 10, 2017) I received this communication from Andrea Rossi this morning via Skype message:

“We are under very strong winds and raid, with heavy flooding. Please inform on EW that I am not able to access the JoNP for the time being.

I am safe well shielded and working too, but completely insulated.
Hope and patience are necessary.

In this moment Skype is working, but it comes and goes

More goes than comes”