Brilliant Light Power Presentation at Cable Industry Conference

Thanks to the readers who have pointed out a news bulletin on the Brilliant Light Power website regarding a presentation that Randell Mills made last week at the Society for Cable & Telecoms Engineers Energy 2020 conference in Denver, Colorado.

The news release stated:

“The audience consisted of leading Operating Executives from across the Cable industry. Dr. Mills shared his vision for alternative, Hydrino® derived energy and presented the SunCell® development program. Dr. Mills’ presentation is available in PDF format here.

Since 2014, SCTE’s Energy 2020 and associated programs has driven the Cable Industry to dramatically reduce their energy consumption and emissions. SCTE in conjunction with their partner Worldwide Environmental Services sees the development of the SunCell® as a game changing technology for the Cable industry.”

Here is the slideshow that Mills presented, which I assume provides the most recent information about of the BLP project: