LENR-Electric Hybrid Locomotives?

I liked the idea that Tom Kaminski posted about in another thread. He wrote: this:

“I recently attended a talk by a large US rail freight company who is exploring rail electrification. Distances are so great in the US and the capital cost of catenary electrification so large that it is likely not to ever occur. A hybrid electric train engine using a compact power source like LENR might be the ideal solution. This particular company spends over 2 Billion $US per year on diesel fuel. They would like to cut that.”

This is something I’ve thought about too, after I learned that many of the large diesel locomotives on US railroads are actually propelled by electric engines — the diesel engines are simply used to generate the electricity which is used to drive motors on the axles of the locomotive. Below is a short video of one example. (BTW, I did not know the term “catenary electrification” until now — that’s the system of overhead wires that are used to send electricity to electric trains used in many parts of the world)


So it might well be possible for and E-Cat (or similar) power source to replace the diesel engine, generating the electricity for the train.