General Motors Announces an All Electric Future for its Vehicles

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Mark Reuss, chief of global product developmentfor General Motors announced yesterday at a media event that he sees GM’s future as producting “all-electric” vehicles. “Although that future won’t happen overnight, G.M. is committed to driving increased usage and acceptance of electric vehicles.” GM will develop two kinds of electric vehicles in this effort: battery powered vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell powered ones. No firm date has been set for the ending of production of internal combustion engine vehicles.

It seems now there is an inevitable trend towards the adoption of all-electric vehicles, although there are many problems to solve in that effort. The more battery-powered cars that are on the road, the more electricity generation that will be needed, and a means to deliver it. If you are using batteries, you need battery production to ramp up, and the raw materials — nowadays lithium is a key ingredient — to keep up with the demand. Hydrogen fuel cells require an infrastructure of hydrogen delivery, and so far that is barely available.

I do think that LENR could make a difference here. If it is commercially viable, it could help with increasing the power generation capacity that would be needed to charge more EV batteries. Onboard LENR power in vehicles is an intriguing idea. However, there would be much engineering and safety testing that would be needed before you would find any major auto maker designing cars around a new power source.