“Cold Fusion – Real, But is it Ready?” (Peter Hagelstein talk in Silicon Valley)

Thanks to a reader for sending me a link to an announcement from the MIT Club of Northern California about an address to be given by Dr. Peter Hagelstein, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT at the office of DLA Piper (a law firm) in Palo Alto, California on November 14th.

Link to the annoucement is here: http://northerncalifornia.alumclub.mit.edu/s/1314/2015/club-class-main.aspx?sid=1314&gid=25&pgid=40742&cid=62473&ecid=62473&crid=0&calpgid=19964&calcid=33394

The announcement gives a brief history of cold fusion and explains the purpose of Dr. Hagelstein’s address:

“Professor Hagelstein will trace the early history of cold fusion, highlighting important results and implications along the way. He will then review the theoretical issues and present his own model of what is going on, followed by a discussion of an experimental effort to test the model, with some preliminary results. Finally, he will discuss what he considers to be the necessary future directions in order to achieve commercialization.”

Palo Alto is in the heart of Silicon Valley, so a talk here on cold fusion/LENR might catch the attention of some of the business leaders there.