Nickel-Hydrogen Reactors: Heat Generation, Isotpic and Elemental Composition of Fuel (Paper by Parkhomov, et. al.)

I received the following paper, translated into English, from Alexander Parkhomov with this preface:
“I think that readers of your website will be interested in reading the article of Alexander Parkhomov and co-authors “NICKEL-HYDROGEN REACTORS: HEAT GENERATION, ISOTOPIC AND ELEMENTAL COMPOSITION OF FUEL”, published in the journal RENSIT.  . In this journal, in addition, published articles of other Russian LENR researchers.”
The authors are Alexander G. Parkhomov, Sergey N. Zabavin, Timur R. Timerbulatov,

Kirill A. Alabin, Stepan N. Andreev, Alexander G. Sobolev
No. 1 | Vol. 9 | 2017 | RENSIT


At the interaction of hydrogen with a number of metals, including Nickel, are observed not
only mechanical and chemical changes, but also such extraordinary phenomena as the anomalously
large heat generation and the change in isotopic and elemental composition. An overview of
experiments that explore these phenomena is presented. Also the results of analysis of the isotopic
and elemental composition of the fuel and substances near the active zone of nickel-hydrogen
reactors before and after work with the production of excess energy to 790 MJ are presented.
Reliable changes in the isotopic composition of nickel and lithium are not detected. A significant
increase in the concentration of impurities of a number of nuclides discovered, not only in fuel but
also in structural elements adjacent to the active zones of reactors.