Rossi: 1 MW Plant in Doral Test Was ‘Not Ready’ to be a Product

I thought this was a rather interesting Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics from November 3:

Gabriel berra
November 3, 2017 at 5:59 PM
The results of the 1 year 1 MW test seem impressive ! I appreciate that you think the QX will me much better but with COP of about 80 it would appear that the original ECat set up was good enough to be attractive and marketable. All the best

Andrea Rossi
November 3, 2017 at 10:08 PM
Gabriel Berra:
No, because to get that result I had to live 352 days inside it 16 hours per day, from 6 P.M. to 10 A.M of the following day, and two other persons, one engineer and one electrician, had to cover from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., not to mention when I had to stay for 20 hours and the others of the Team had to reach me in the middle of the night for problems . It was a prototype, not a product, but the experience we made with it has generated the QX. We had strong problems and probably, from what we analyzed after the stop from all the components, it was close to die in short time after the end of the test. It was not ready to be a product, but it was a dam good prototype, by means of which an enormous experience has been made.
Warm Regards,

As most of us can recall, soon after the test was over, Rossi filed his lawsuit against Industrial Heat, and the plant was soon padlocked by both Rossi and IH. Once the settlement was agreed upon, Rossi got access to the plant again, and started to do a post mortem, taking it apart and examining it closely. From the sounds of it, the plant was not in very good shape.

Rossi seems to be saying here that in order to make it through the year-long test the plant required constant attention and frequent intervention, and despite the reported COP which averaged around 80, he doesn’t consider it suitable for industrial use. It sounds like all attention is now being turned to the E-Cat QX (which Rossi began development on during the 1-year test) and we will probably never see AR build another plant like the one used in Doral.

  • Omega Z

    Drew G.
    November 5, 2017 at 6:24 PM

    Dr. Rossi:
    Will you be inviting representatives from the US Department of Energy and/or the US Department of Defense or their laboratories to your November demonstration of the E-CAT QX? Best of luck on the demonstration which will make the world aware of the next generation of clean energy production.
    Andrea Rossi
    November 5, 2017 at 7:59 PM

    Drew G.:
    Warm Regards,

    • Interesting.

      They would not be your first choices as scam targets. This is starting to smell like a big deal.

      • Frank Acland

        He said they were invited, we don’t know if they will be there, though.

        • f sedei

          They would be clearly out of their minds not to be there. They were there in the earlier stages of development. I believe NASA head described LENR as the “energy of the future”. I also believe that a Jet Engine Engineer from the Federal Government observed Rossi’s work in person. The Defense Department must be extremely interested in the ground breaking invention.

    • georgehants

      I think it would be a mistake to even imagine that the people Rossi is referring to are not already fully updated with his entire situation and have been from the beginning.
      Such a discovery would have all the men in black swarming over ever move he makes.
      If these people turn up, I think it would only be for effect
      There’s more than the CIA and FBI: The 17 agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community

      • Bruce__H

        I would be very surprised if Rossi’s test is on the radar of any US government body at all. I predict that Frank Acland will not run in to any genuine government representatives when he attends. If he does find some people claiming to be from the Navy or a government lab etc, he should keep track of any affiliations, names, or id numbers that are offered.

        • georgehants

          Bruce your reply is unbelievable, that you consider that the security fraternity in the US is not aware of Rossi’s Cold Fusion claims.
          Best to you.

          • Bruce__H

            I do think that the security fraternity in the US is aware of Rossi’s Cold Fusion claims. I just don’t think they believe them.

          • Omega Z

            They are aware. They believe. They have been present on many occasions.
            They just don’t know how far a long he is. A month or 10 years away from full success.

          • Bruce__H

            What occasions?

  • Rene

    This is revisionist history on Rossi’s part. He was quite insistent and clear that he delivered working plants to ‘undisclosed customers’, then later to a named customer. Setting aside for the moment the whole debacle about the fact his last customer was his lawyer having created a fake shell company, the point that he created and delivered a plant to a customer to do production work was his main driving point in that last venture.
    Later we, through Rossi’s own missives was saying he was there all the time working on ‘other projects’ (which we eventually were told was the QX. Now throughout this over year long production test, many of us questioned and challenged Rossi and his believers that it seemed odd he was there tinkering all the time. I pointed that he must have had lots of control issues if he had to manually make adjustments all the time. All sorts of cover claims by his believers about how it was him being vigilant to protect his IP, etc., was just that – cover smoke.
    Now we learn it was a prototype. That’s a huge change. OK, so it was post facto, but what continually galls me is how deceptive Rossi’s communications are. He has this history of revising history. I’ll offer my conjecture that he has discovered some LENR effect, but that from 2011 to the present, he has not been able to control it. He has not been able to make it reliable, that he’s tried all manner of different attempts to make it go.
    Maybe this time a plasma QX will be it. But, given all his past deceptions, his word is not particularly worthy, his demo, if not witnessed by truly independent observers, and his setup if not examined and verified as reasonably clean is also not particularly worthy. A streamed event of that does not lend veracity.
    If he actually listens to his believers, do yourselves a service to him and have him stop playing his old games. He needs to come clean on this. I truly hope he has something, but it has to be done right.

    • Omega Z

      I recall multiple posts by Rossi on JONP that he had problems with the 1MW plant and was called in on his scheduled sleep time to help to deal with problems.

    • AdrianAshfield

      revisionist history? The Dorval test was to see if the E-Cats were ready for commercial use. The analysis showed they weren’t. It was clear before that there were problems.

      Of course he hoped the new version was ready.

      Why do you think Rossi is running a Sigma 5 test now?

      • Rene

        In all the ‘plants’ to a ‘customer’ cases, he claimed quite firmly they were ready, and found out they really were not. That includes the last one with IH. That is revisionism, proven by his own words. Now he is trying to change the narrative, getting his believers to amplify that narrative that all those ‘plants’ were always an experiment, always a prototype.
        You asked: I assume he’s running 5sigma (whatever that means to him) because it is not reliable and someone demands proof of it delivering energy and proof that it lasts long enough to not pop or fizzle, and that it is not just an interesting science experiment.
        Maybe we’ll find out November 24th. Or not.

    • Dr. Mike

      I think that most people following Rossi’s progress over the last few years realized that Rossi never advanced the earlier E-Cat technology past the “prototype” phase. I believe you are correct that all of the control issues had not been worked out on the earlier technology and also should be a concern on the QX technology until proven otherwise. (I brought up the issue of controlling a group of QX devices by a single controller in my recent post.) With all of the problems Rossi had in trying to keep a single 1MW plant operating for a year, it is obvious that you are correct that the earlier E-cat technology was far from reliable. Reliability will continue to be a major issue with the QX devices. Rossi appears to be evaluating the reliability of the basic QX technology, However, before he can even begin making prototype QX products, he will have to bring up an automated manufacturing line to produce the QX devices and then achieve reliable parts made on that line. It could easily be several years before we see any “prototype” products using the QX technology.

    • f sedei

      His words were worthy. He won an 11 Million Dollar law suit to prove it.

  • Frank Acland

    Do you mean you think he was sleeping in the plant?

  • This Rossi statement sort of fits my analysis of early 2016 perfectly I would say.

    IH misjudged both Rossi and the tech. I believe they were sincere when the said they were not able to replicate, but it was not because it didn’t work but because they lacked the skill. And when they realized that, it was too late.

  • Frank Acland

    If it was me, I probably would have tried to do so during quiet times. Rossi said this in the most recent interview I conducted with him:

    “Also consider that for one year I worked from 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 a.m. the next day, sleeping from 11:00 a.m. – you sleep a few hours, you have also to read, you have to make some sport, so you sleep 3-4 hours each day. For one year and with many other factors, yes I had something serious, but I am completely healed. “

    • Bruce__H

      Yes. I don’t see anything wrong with sleeping at the plant. I think the idea was that there were a couple of data recording point during the night and someone always needed to be on hand physically in case something went wrong but I don’t see why that can’t be accomplished by sleeping in site.

      The posing behaviour on JONP was pretty stable throughout the afternoon though. The only truly silent time was in the middle of the night. During the month that Rossi was in Europe attending the Lugano experiment he kept up the same sort of posting schedule except transferred to European time. That is, the posts occurred between mainly 8 or so in the morning and 9-10PM local time with night time being pretty silent.

    • Alan DeAngelis
  • sam

    Frank Acland
    November 6, 2017 at 5:06 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    1. So far, how much more reliable is the E-Cat QX compared to the E-Cat reactors used in the 1 MW plant you ran for the year-long test?
    2. When you say that after inspection you found that the 1 MW plant was “ready to die” do you mean the reactors, or other components of the plant?

    Thank you,

    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    November 6, 2017 at 6:39 PM
    Frank Acland:
    1- much, much more, but this is thanks to the !MW E-Cat tested for one year
    2- the reactors and many parts of it
    Warm Regards,

  • Billy Jackson

    The following is nothing more than my opinion. as such i can be wrong.

    It is my belief that despite our wishes the roll out of this technology will not be as fast as we were hoping. It is by no means a failure so far in my eyes. but you wont be picking up an e-cat at home depot or walmart anytime soon. Rossi with my personal best wishes has many paths in front of him. inspite of the deadfalls and potential side tracks i personally believe he is on to something. What its potential may be we have all discussed Ad nauseum.

    It is my firm belief that unless he’s picked up and sponsored by one of the big name companies we will not see this technology for at least 10-20 years. there seems to be no professional plans or expert directions on bringing this to market. It is one man doing this his own way determined to fight the odds. I salute Rossi and his determination but i fear the constant setbacks and reversals or continuous advancements of the technology without a true reveal or product available.. is going to slowly erode the “public” support that rossi has built.

    We dont have the full story. we dont know whats going on behind the scenes.(he may have government or military backing at this point) I will continue my support. But i fear that i am slowly seeing incompetence creep into the picture, i fear that rossi may be his own worst enemy in the end.

    I pray i am wrong and it is just worry or fear that taints my perceptions.

    • Mark Underwood

      “I salute Rossi and his determination” Amen to that. Rossi’s determination, energy and stamina boggle the mind, my mind anyway. Competence? He’s got core competence and intelligence in spades, and it is known he consults with people and organizations who have specialized competencies. All this together give me confidence he will successfully deliver his baby. Yes it will take longer than we have been anticipating, because a commercially viable product – especially because of its novelty and complexity – is in another league when compared to prototype. There are so many devils in the details that need to be exorcized to make a commercially viable product. I feel similarly when it comes to Randell Mills.

    • Axil Axil

      Inspired by the upcoming demo, what is now required is a political movement to force a broad based and deeply rooted commitment to develop the LENR technology as a top priority to solve the pressing issues that plague the world today. All arguments against the immediate development and deployment of LENR must be countered with self evident facts that push LENR to the forefront of the common mind as an uncompromisable priority.

    • Bruce Williams

      Billy, I think that you have very eloquently expressed the thoughts of many people that follow this blog; well done !

    • Thomas

      You’re right … I’ve been following Rossi’s work for years now and lost interest because the news today are the same news from 4 years ago …

  • interstellar hobo

    and people believe he won’t move the goal again and again?
    Ive felt for a long time thay he and others like the Blacklight guy have found a phenomeon but they have routinely overpromised to investors and potential customers.

    • Omega Z

      It’s called overly optimistic. That further issues will quickly be dispatched. Usually to be much bigger challenges then thought. No one is immune to this affliction.

  • Rene