Press Release on "Paradigm-Shifting" Potential of the E-Cat QX (Rossi Disavows)

Update: November 18, 2017

On his Journal of Nuclear Physics website here, Andrea Rossi stated that he did not make the press release mentioned here. He states: “I did not make that release and I have not idea about who generated it.”


A new press release from announces the upcoming presentation by Dr. Andrea Rossi of the new E-Cat QX reactor.

This press release is a bold announcement, quite un-typical of many of Andrea Rossi’s previous statements about the E-Cat. For a long time Rossi’s mantra has been “all energy technologies must be integrated”, effectively underplaying the significance of the E-Cat as a competitor to other energy technologies. However this press release has a rather different feel.

For example, it states:

Given the truly astonishing implications of the E-CAT technology systems, the demonstration will exclusively be offered to 70 attendees, including some Government officials.

They will be there to lay witness to the ways in which the commercialization of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion, will have a profound effect on many sectors of the economy across many different industries. The demonstration is an opportunity for a select few to see, first hand, the use of a revolutionary new energy source – LENR – the success of which has not so far been proven irrefutably.

The use of eCat QX could consummately impact the production of electricity, both here in the USA and across the globe, and offer paradigm-shifting results, producing commercially useful amounts of heat.

This is building up the event a rather dramatic way — and possibly for very good reason given the claims about how the E-Cat is capable of producing far more power than it consumes, with only a tiny amount of fuel consumed in the process. It’s possible that Andrea Rossi did not write this press release himself, it doesn’t have any of his typical “Italianisms”, and maybe this gives an indication of the point of view of a new partner involved.

While Rossi has been understated, many people who have been following the progress of the E-Cat over the years have recognized that if the claims are true, then the implications of this technology are profound. Here we see Leonardo Corporation now making the case for the revolutionary nature of the E-Cat.