Announcement: E-Cat World Moving Coverage of E-Cat QX Presentation to

E-Cat World will be publishing its new content to the domain for that time being.

As many of you are aware now, this site,, has been delisted from the Google search engine following what appears to be a deliberate attck. More details about this situation can be found here.

We are now approaching Andrea Rossi’s presentation of the E-Cat QX reactor, a very important event in the E-Cat story, and because I think it deserves the widest possible coverage (including being searchable on the Google search platform), I have decided to move all coverage of the upcoming E-Cat QX demo event to this website: is currently being indexed by Google. will remain as it is, nothing will change there. It is easily searchable using the Bing search tool that has been placed in the header of the site, and hopefully will be searchable again by Google.

Because I have put together fairly quickly, it will look a bit different from this one but I hope it will be acceptable in functionality, and I hope to improve things over time. You may see changes over time as I add new features and functionality.

Thanks very much to all the readers for your continued interest and support. I look forward to the coming days.

Frank Acland.