E-Cat QX Demo Pre-Game Thread

We only have two days to go until the long-awaited presentation of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat QX reactor, and there is considerable expectation ahead of the event.

From Andrea Rossi and others we know that the event is going to take place, and that a presentation will happen, but very few further details have been provided. Andrea Rossi has stated that the protocols of the test will only be revealed at the beginning of the test itself, so we have to wait until the 24th for that.


This thread is just to be a gathering place as we get ready for show. It’s Thanksgiving holiday time in the United States where traditionally people watch football games; this is going to be a lot more interesting to me than any sports event, and thought it would be useful to put up a pre-game thread, for general discussion which will be replaced by coverage of the real event kicks off.