Rossi Claims Important Stockholm Success

The presentation of the E-Cat QX in Stockholm last week has been the topic of a great deal of discussion and scrutiny by people following the LENR story. From everything I have read, and people I have spoken with I would say that from the point of view of observers from the outside (i.e. the peanut gallery) that the event has not changed the opinion about the E-Cat a great deal, and one question that has been asked repeatedly is, what was the purpose of putting on such an event?

It was not a product demonstration, since there is no product to demonstrate yet; it was not a scientific presentation, as it was run and controlled by the inventor, Andrea Rossi. To me, it seems that it was is Rossi letting people know that he has an energy production process that works, and that he was open to do business with — at the same (as usual) keeping the details of how he does what he does as secret as possible.

Perhaps the most important part of the event for Rossi were the discussions that took place afterwards. Rossi explained to the attendees that he would be available to meet with people who wanted to talk with him privately in a room at the IVA conference center following the presentation. According to Alan Smith, who attended the presentation, he was still occupied in private meetings four hours after the public meeting concluded.

Rossi has stated on the Journal of Nuclear Physics: “Several days after the Stockholm demo we made a very important agreement, that will make faster the start of a massive industrial production. These few days have been momentous.” I asked him if this agreement was the direct result of the Stockholm presentation and he responded:

Andrea Rossi
November 30, 2017 at 2:05 AM
Frank Acland:
It has been a direct result of the Stockolm event: it has been attended by very high level persons, either from the scientific and the industrial point: the IVA conference room acted just like a reactor containing strongly reactive elements…
Warm Regards,

Rossi of course won’t provide us with details of the nature of any agreement, or who he has spoken with, so it is still hard for us outsiders to gauge the significance of the Stockholm event until we find evidence of what many LENR followers are hoping for: LENR products working in the real world.