Mystery Video — “me356 Test” (Update: Confirmed)

Thanks to ECW reader Henry for sharing this rather mysterious video today that has been posted on the Streamable video sharing website. There is no description or explanation of it, except for the title of the video which is “me356 -test”. The video is not dated.

There hasn’t been much recent information from me356, but he has said that he his busy in developing LENR products, so maybe this video is his way of providing an update.

I have written to me356 asking if he could comment on what is going on — if this is indeed a genuine video produced by him.

UPDATE: I received the following from Me356:

The video is recorded by me. But it was not supposed to be shared…
The reactor was of an older test from reactor similar to the E-Cat QX. It is not replication since many data are missing. Actually it is only slightly updated version of what I was testing two years ago. In the meantime I was testing maybe thousands of similar or different reactors. So this one is probably not more interesting than the rest.
Used fuel was same that we are using in our upcoming products. It was only powered by other means – there is no heater coil at all.
So the construction is very easy and total cost for something like this is maybe 4 USD (excluding electronics). But due to nature of the design it is necessary to use higher voltage to obtain conduction line first – same as in the QX.
Then it is enough to power it with 2 – 30V depending on used modulation. Diameter of the tube is just 3mm.
Definitively it is nothing related to our products. But it is working well as long as body is holding together.

I hope that it helped.