Rossi Hypothesizes E-Cat Producing Antimatter

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently Andrea Rossi has been discussing a hypothesis that the E-Cat is producing Antimatter. He has confirmed that the key point from Carl Oscar Gullstrom’s address at the Stockholm E-Cat QX presentation comes in the 26:40 to 27:10 part of the video here where Gullstrom’s slide states this:

Low Energy Virtual Particles Theory. I and Rossi are also making the hypothesis of the possibility that the temperatures of the plasma can reach the mass of a new/particle waves in fields that could annihilate without emitting high energy radiations because of the low energy.

In the interview Rossi conducted with the Energy 2.0 Society in early December, Rossi also talked about this at some length. He stated:

“I think it is possible, even if probably it is wrong, but it is possible starting from an intuition, that reading a book of physics as I try to keep me updated, reading a book of physics I met a phrase that has turned on a light. And the phrase was the focus on this fact that when a field reaches a temperature that is equal to the mass (you know that temperature can be linked to mass in physics), that is equal to the mass of a particle — an elementary particle — in that field such particles are generated. And if those particles are generated it is necessary that are generated anti-particles, and this makes things very interesting.

“Because since we start from particles that have a very low mass, because at 2600 Kelvin we have a mass between 1 electron volt- 1.4 electron volt. So we should have in this field, let us compare it to an ocean, we have crests of small waves and anti-waves that are resonances, they are not actually elementary particles, they are resonances in a field that disappear after, say 10 to the minus 23 seconds, they are not particles, they are resonances.

“But these resonances could through the annihilation between these virtual particles and anti-particles could produce energy that is not enough to generate strong ionizing radiations because they are not big waves, they are just small waves. And this could explain why we have heat in this measure that is not the measure of a full nuclear reaction, but we do not have strong radiations. And now I am asking to Gullstrom who is very strong in mathematics and theoretical aspects of physics to calculate if it is possible, and we are working on this. Working on this, we are considering all the spectra of possibilities beyond the experiment and beyond the what is the charge that is the only one with which I got results.”

More recently is this Q&A on the JONP:

December 28, 2017 at 3:37 AM
Dear Andrea Rossi:
I understand that the theory you are working on with Carl-Oscar Gullstrom could suppose the microproduction of antimatter when the temperature of the plasma reaches the mass of low energy virtual particles: am I on track?

Andrea Rossi
December 28, 2017 at 4:16 AM
That’s the hypothesis. My rational part says it is wrong, my instinct says to go on. I go on.
Warm Regards,

So Rossi emphasizes that this is a hypothesis only, and that they are still preparing experiments to formulate a theory.