Rossi Describes Experimental Protocols for Theory Testing

Andrea Rossi has made the following comment in response to questions about the experiments they plan to do test his theoretical hypotheses.

Andrea Rossi
December 30, 2017 at 9:03 AM

Vince and Yuri:
We are going to make dipole and quadrupole measurements of currents deflections.
For the H/Li ion current we need a magnetic field of circa 0.1 T
To achieve a measurable electromagnetic field we will sorround the plasma with a quadrupole magnet with an angle of 67 degrees with the oscillating the field between 695 and 710 MHz and then measure if an opposite magnetic dipole field gets induced on the z- axis of the quadrupole.
The numbers come from cos30 degrees times hyperfine splitting of 7L1 S2 level and cos60 degrees times the H 1420 MHz line, combined with the spin-speed tilt of the assumed spin of the positive ions and the spin tilt interaction due to the 3 quark structure of the nucleon and the Sigma meson.
From an experimental point of view it will be also good to measure a variety of quadrupole field parameters, both for static and dynamic QM ( quadrupole measurements ), wherein dynamic means adjustable electromagnets around the E-Cat QX to generate a field and static means neodym magnets.
Basic instrumentation:
IR thermometers
Adjustable frame able to allow assembly modifications
Neodymium magnets
Heat insulators
Customized Electromagnets
Signal Generator 0.1-20 MHz
E-Cat QX
Heat exchanger
Control Box

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One thing that jumps out here is Rossi’s description of a “H/Li ion current” which I have not heard Rossi describe before — I wonder if this is his description of the plasma. Maybe Rossi will update us with some results at some point.