Not Nuclear, Not Fission, Not Fusion — Tapping the Color Force (Engineer48)

The following has been posted by Engineer48

We need to understand that inside the nucleus of every atom other than H, there are 2 stores of potentially trappable energy: While the H nucleus has no type 1 proton and neutron binding energy, it still contains quark binding energy type 2 as below.

1) The redundant strong force energy that is carried and exchanged by pions inside the nucleus and that binds the protons and neutrons together.

2) The color strong force energy that is carried and exchanged by gluons inside the proton or neutron and that binds the quarks together.

The 1st energy store is what is tapped in fission and fusion reactions and atomic weapons.

The 2nd energy store is what makes up 99% of the non dark mass in the universe via m = e/c^2. Releasing it would be like a matter & anti matter reaction. Or energy availability that makes what we call nuclear energy seem like a firecracker compared to an atomic bomb.

So when you wonder where the energy release from LENR or other plasma OU systems could come from, look no further that tapping the redundant strong force proton or neutron binding energy or doing a mind blow and tapping the vast store of quark binding energy.

There is no requirement to invent new energy sources, as almost all the universe’s energy and mass are contained in the quark colour confinement strong force. This force gets stronger the further away are the quarks.

If what I think is going on, there is no bad radiation as this process is NOT NUCLEAR, NOT FISSION, NOT FUSION.