Rossi’s E-Cat Production Plans

As usual, almost all the information we get about the current state of E-Cat process comes from Andrea Rossi via the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Of course it is information that can’t be confirmed from outside sources, but it’s the best information we have for now. As things stand right now, based on information that Rossi has provided, this is a summary of what we have learned.

It appears that the industrialization of the E-Cat QX will consist of the manufacture of independent units comprising of 100 individual E-Cat reactors electronically connected in parallel, all driven by a single control unit, and each unit will be rated at around 4kW. This means that each individual E-Cat reactor is rated at around 40W.

Rossi has said that when he presents the industrial product (he hopes it will be this year) he will be showing one of these ~4kW units in action. Rossi has not stated what the COP of this unit will be, and won’t disclose that until they are publicly presented. A 4kW unit could in the future be used for a small domestic heating device, but safety certification has not yet been obtained to use this product for domestic purposes, and so Rossi is concentrating first on plants for industrial purposes.

Rossi has said that these ~4kW units can be combined to make industrial E-Cat plants of whatever power rating is desired. A 1MW E-Cat plant will therefore require the combination of 250 of these units, each with its own control system. He has said, however the the control systems will be contained in a single box “much smaller that 250 x the box you saw in the Stockholm event at the IVA”. Apparently not only has the overheating problem that Rossi described in Stockholm been solved, but also the control system has been substantially reduced in size.

That is about the extent of what Rossi has reported thus far in terms of production plans. So far he has not stated that one of these units has been created by means of robotics, but that is his goal. Only when robotic production is underway will he make the public presentation.