Gullström Critiques Charge Cluster Theory

The following comment was posted by Mats Lewan on this thread.

Here’s a comment I received from Carl-Oscar Gullström who is collaborating with Rossi on a theory for Rossi’s LENR effect.

I contacted him since I know how important it is to have the complete mathematical and theoretical picture as a basis when discussing hypotheses, and since I know that Gullström has an impressive intuitive and mathematical understanding of particle and nuclear physics.

He told me that he had watched the entire MFMP video above and that he found the observations interesting. Here are his comments:

“The problem with the CC theory and other beyond normal electromagnetic theories is that it lacks a link to the strong force.

The thing is that the strong force has always been beyond the EM by definition and in many aspects the beyond EM theories I’ve seen in LENR only reproduces features of the strong force.

What happens could be summarized in these short sentences: Interaction with the electron is done from the charge and magnetic moment which give rise to photon exchange interaction (EM). However the electron also has a mass, which implies that scalar interaction is possible and for electron-nucleon interaction this is carried by the scalar exchange particle sigma.

To come back to the CC cluster, the observations that MFMP showed in their recent videos are within what sigma_I=2 exchange theories would predict, while the EM based CC theories has a problem with the strong force phenomena i.e. the absence of gamma radiation. First the shielding that would be needed from a charge cluster is that only 1/10^10 gammas would escape. The electron density is not enough for this type of shielding. One can compare with lead where the electron density actually is somewhat the same, and a cm of lead only shields about 10^3-10^5 of gammas.

Even if the CC could shield gamma in an unknown super effective way they also have the problem with production of long-lived radioactive nuclides. Basically without any special rule on fusion except that the energy is there, stable nuclides would be dominant but also radioactive nuclides with half-life of seconds would be produced. These nuclides would be left after the CC has disappeared but decay and cause gamma radiation. For example 59-62Cu, 64Cu, 28Al, 8Li, 6Be would be created in a H-Li-Al-Ni environment and have detectable gamma radiation when decaying.

That the CC is a consequence and not a cause of LENR could be explained by the following for the observations from MFMP. The sigma_I=2 potential would create an attractive force not only for the nucleon that is included in the nucleon transfer reaction but also for nuclides in the surroundings. The potential would then create in inbound pressure and “loaded spring” forces between the nuclides.

A consequence of this is that diamonds could be created by the inbound pressure on the surface. Also the “loaded spring force” are left there for some time and could be used to create electricity for some time by the electric potential created by the extra force between the atoms. It also drags air into the metal and creates a negative pressure inside a closed reactor. An extra note concerning carbon is that is has an enhanced sigma potential since the force minimizes either four nucleons to be put together or four alpha clusters. The C12 isotope is made of three alpha clusters.

The CC clusters are created by the sigma-electron potential where the sigma, not a photon, holds the electrons in place. I can mention another place where CC phenomena created by LENR might have been found in nature. That is the hessdalen light—a strange light phenomena observed in Norway coming from dust that is rich in the metal scandium. Scandium is a metal that is easy to use for LENR purpose since is has both odd number electrons and nucleons.”